Sunday, October 16, 2011

Celestial Navigation by TI-36X Pro

The TI-36X Pro is an excellent value calculator for celestial navigation sight reduction. Enter the formula for calculating altitude into the NUM-SOLVE function then follow the prompts for variable entries.

Calculated altitude formula:
a=ArcSin(Cos(x)Cos(d)Cos(t) ± Sin(x)Sin(d))

x= Latitude
d= Declination
t= Meridian Angle
a=Calculated Altitude

Use the OP function to solve for azimuth Z.

Key the SET OP function and enter the formula:

Once (a) is solved in NUM-SOLVE then azimuth Z can quickly be solved in the OP function with one key push.

Convert calculated altitude (a) into degrees minutes and seconds using the MATH menu DMS6 or multiply degree fraction by 60 to get minutes and tenths.