Monday, April 20, 2009

Ground Tackle Checkup

Lay the vessels entire ground tackle cable on the dock to allow for a birds eye view. Walk the chain looking for corrosion, rode chafe, wear and tear on thimbles, swivels, shackles, and shackle seizing. Double check swivels and shackles to be sure that they are one size above the chain size. Inspect the seizing of all shackle pins (do not substitute nylon zip ties for seizing wire).  Welds on the anchor need to be carefully scrutinized. The electric windlass terminal connections should be cleaned of corrosion. Snubbers, cleats, bow roller, and chocks also need examining. When all is in order then hose everything down with fresh water, let dry, and stow. Don't forget to clean out the chain locker and tie off the bitter end before stowing.

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