Saturday, January 2, 2010

NC-77 Update

Bring back the Tamaya NC-77 almanac from a Y2K death ( as of 4/24/2017 ) is now  best done by subtracting 1900 from the current year as explained in a helpful comment listed below. The Geoffrey Kolbe LONG TERM ALMANAC 2000-2050 is still needed to up-date SHA and declination for the navigational stars.


  1. Dear M. Rudzinski, I came across your NC-77 comments on how to extend its almanach by using the Kolbe long terme almanach. I will like to provide an interesting note that Tamaya corporation provided me a few days ago in wich the NC-77 almanach can be use with no restriction beyond year 2000. All there is to do is to substract 1900 the the current year of utilisation. Therefore, 2017 should be enter as 117. As exemple, mars 23 2017 would be note as 117.0323. With this technique, no date restriction or table conversion will limit this amazing calculator to provide you good ephémerides data. Kindess regards. Jean Villemagne

    1. Thanks Jean for a very helpful comment on bringing back the Tamaya NC-77 to it's full almanac capability :))